Wittner Wooden Pyramid Metronomes


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Product Details

For the discerning (or aspiring) musician or physicist, this precision-crafted timing device is ideal for counting second or even fractions of seconds. -- Its range is from 40 to 208 beats per minute depending on the pendulum setting. It operates from a spring wound clock mchanism and is attractively housed in a molded black case. -- Can also be used to keep count while performing repetitive exercises during a work-out. 9" tall.

BELL MODEL Metronome - a small slide switching device on the side of the metronome lets you choose an accented beat of 0,2,3,4, and 6, sounding a bell that will ring on the first beat of each measure. Set the metronome accent switch to 0 (zero) to turn the bell off. The bell is loud and you will never miss that first beat again.



Standard (without bell):

Matte Black
Walnut Colored


Bell Model: