Vic Firth Orchestral Keyboard Mallets


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For the discriminating orchestral and symphonic band performer, the Orchestral Series offers an extraordinary range of sound color possibilities for xylophone and bells. With rattan shafts, these mallets are also an outstanding choice for marching band, drum corps, indoor marching, percussion ensemble and solo playing.



M130: Soft plastic for warm sound. Also great on marimba.
M132: Medium rubber. Dark sound with clarity.
M133: Medium poly. Light and clear for xylophone and bells A great choice for "rags".
M134: Medium hard urethane. Dark and bold for xylophone and bells.
M135: Hard PVC. Bright and cutting for xylophone and bells.
M137: Medium hard Teflon® produces a very full and lyrical sound on bells and xylophone.
M139: Hard Lexan® with an added brass weight creates a full‚ pure and clear tone on bells and xylophone.


M140: Medium nylon makes this a full sounding general bell mallet.
M143: Hard acetyl. Very small head for a very thin texture.
M144: Round brass head creates a bright sound.
M145: Large oval brass head for a very big‚ bright and bold sound.