Vic Firth Brushes


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The Heritage and Jazz series brushes are well made retractable wire brushes for traditional Jazz use (with the circular motion "swishing" across the head techniques). The Jazz brush has slightly heavier and stiffer wire, giving it more volume than the Heritage brush, which is more like the traditional wire brushes.
Vic Firth "plastic" brushes were one of the first synthetic brushes made. If you are looking for a brush sound, but don't want to be concerned with the special care that wire brushes require so as to not become easily bent or "sprung" out alignment, then a plastic brush may be just what you need, they are very durable.
The Red Jazz Rake actually sounds pretty good when doing traditional "swishing" Jazz brushwork, while the Yellow Rock Rake is mostly for rhythmic playing.

The dreadlocks are braided heavy gauge stainless-steel wires produce bold percussive sound. Strike‚ scrape or let your imagination create a variety of effects.

Steve Gadd's designed brushes with a slight angle in the the wire allows for playing without snagging on new coated drumheads. The wires glide across the head‚ allowing a smoother sweep and a velvet swish sound.

Live wires are retractable wire brushes‚ featuring a small round bead on the tip of each wire for an added sharp snap on cymbals and drums.

The best seller Legacy Brushes are retractable wire brushes with a wood handle provides a natural feel in the hand. With medium gauge wire and an infinitely adjustable brush spread capable of maintaining any playing position.

Russ Miller Wire Brushes give you a brush for each hand! "Sweep" brush: medium gauge wire for a smooth sound. "Ride" brush: tight spread and heavier gauge for projection with incredible rebound.


Jazz Brushes
Heritage Brushes
Rock Rake (yellow "plastic")
Jazz Rake (red "plastic")
Steve Gadd Wire Brush
Live Wires (bead tips)
Legacy Brushes
Russ Miller Wire Brushes