Roche Thomas Cork Grease


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Product Details

Roche-Thomas Premium line of lubricants are formulated and bottled in our facilities suing a special filtering process that eliminates impurities and residue. Our unique process insures that you receive a fast acting lubricant with a clean coat, virtually dust and lint free. Tuning slide grease comes in a ½ oz one piece container. Easy to apply and it will not give your instrument grease build up and is not sticky. Silky smooth to the touch, which means our tuning slide grease does its job! At Roche-Thomas we are proud that we can say our products are manufactured in the USA using products made in the USA, so you know you are purchasing the finest products on the market. Our cork grease comes in a 1/5 oz 'chap stick' style tube. Easy to apply and easy to manage.