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Qwik Tune Guitar & Bass Tuners


The Qwik Tune Guitar Professor GP1 3 in 1 product! The NEW Guitar Professor combines three much needed guitar tools in one neat little package. It is a tuner chord finder and pitch pipe all in one. It is an excellent tool for the beginning to advanced guitarist. Ever wonder how to play a particular chord? Now you can! The Guitar Professor teaches up to 250 guitar chords. For Acoustic Electric and Bass guitars.


The Qwik Tune QT11 Guitar and Bass Tuner was designed for simplicity, featuring an electronic pitch pipe that plays each guitar string's pitch. It's also a highly precise automatic tuner for guitar and bass. Ideal for the beginner, its Off Meter tuning tells you which string you're trying to tune and shows you whether you're flat or sharp. Its built-in high-sensitivity microphone and fast metering make this the affordable tuner for the Next Generation. Batteries included.


Introducing the newest addition to the Qwik Tune line of tuners. The QT15 automatic guitar and bass tuner is made to tune those severely out of tune guitars. This tuner is fast, accurate and a great value. Batteries included.