Matrix Quartz Metronomes


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The standard Matrix metronome has good volume for a metronome of this price. The sound of the metronome is a loud click with a clave tone. Turn the dial to easily select the tempo. A switch on the side of the metronome turns off the sound so that the light can be used as your tempo guide.
Tempo: 40-208 times/minute
A440 Hz Tone Generator
LED light & sound or light only
Requires one 9V battery (not included)


The deluxe LED display simulates the swinging motion of a traditional pendulum - especially helpful for students. In addition you can select multiple beat settings with an accent for the downbeat, both visually (green LED) and audibly (chime sound).
LED pedulum motion highlights downbeat
Audible click upbeat sound with chime down beat
A4 tone reference for tuning
Six beat settings
Requires one 9V battery (not included)

Deluxe with Volume Control:

Get your timing right with this high-end, yet compact tuner. Featuring a BPM range of 40-216, displayed by multiple LED lights and/or click sounds. It also serves as a tuner with a range of three octaves! The internal volume control can adjust the click/tuner level as well. Still need more privacy? Use the built-in earphone jack!

8 LED for pendulum simulation
Fully adjustable tempo - beats per minute range of 40-216
Audible click on upbeat, chime on downbeat; Variable tone generation
Earphone out
Requires one 9V battery (not included)




Deluxe with Volume Control (not shown)