Majestic Symphonic Grand Timpani Sets


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The Symphonic Grand series offers advanced, professional features that secondary school and college music programs require.  Deep cambered copper kettles provide a rich, resonant sound with a long, even decay.  Enhanced by both foot and fine tuners, this European Block-Style pedal system facilitates fluid, precise tuning changes while offering maximum tuning stability.  All Majestic Symphonic Grand Timpani feature tuning gauges, Remo® Renaissance hazy heads and full-length, padded drop covers with zippers.




Available in the following sets:

Copper Kettles available as: precision hammered.

Set of 2- 26" - 29"
Set of 4- 23" - 26" - 29" - 32"
Set of 5- 20" - 23" - 26" - 29" - 32"