Latin Percussion Salsa Cowbells


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Product Details

LP Salsa Cowbells are hand crafted in the LP tradition and are specifically designed to produce a lively sound for use in Latin music. They are great additions to any percussion or drum kit, adding new colors to any style of music. Brushed Steel. Made in the USA.

Salsa Timbale Cowbell

  • 7.5" mountable
  • Designed specifically to complement the timbales with a bright, cutting tone

Salsa Claro Cowbell

  • 7.25" mountable
  • Patented, designed to offer a new clarity in cowbell sounds
  • Unique construction produces a bright, lively sound that allows each stick beat to be heard
  • Perfect for Timbale players and use with a drum kit

Salsa Cha-Cha Cowbells High & low

  • 4.75", high pitch
  • 5" mountable, low pitch, brushed steel
  • Bright bells with tuned overtones typically associated with Cha Cha
  • Designed to be mounted but can also produce great muffled tones when hand held

Salsa Claro Bongo Cowbell handheld

  • 7.25" handheld
  • Patented, compact bongo bell produces a bright, lively sound

Salsa Bongo Cowbells three different tones, mountable or handheld

  • 7.75" handheld
  • High pitched bells with bright overtones
  • Typically used in Salsa bands by a bongo player or singer
  • 8" handheld
  • The classic bongo players’ cowbell
  • Delivers a dominant fundamental tone with medium pitch that cuts through loud percussion sections
  • 8" mountable, brushed steel
  • High pitched bells with bright overtones
  • Perfect addition for drum set players who play bongo rhythms

Salsa Barrio Cowbell handheld

  • 8" handheld
  • Medium pitch Bongo Cowbell
  • Designed to meet the demands of the ever changing tastes in Latin music
  • Clear fundamental pitch
  • Nice sound contrast between the mouth and the back of bell

Salsa Sergio Bongo Cowbells handheld and mountable

  • 8" mountable
  • Deeper pitch and lively overtone associated with Latin music
  • Named for renouned New York Latin musician and producer Sergio George

Salsa "Uptown" & "Downtown" Timbale Cowbells

  • 7.75" mountable, high pitch (uptown)
  • Matched to complement the sound of the LP Salsa Downtown Timbale Cowbell
  • 7.75" mountable, low pitch (downtown)
  • Matched to complement the sound of the LP Salsa Uptown Timbale Cowbell

 Salsa Big Band Timbale Cowbell

  • 8.25" mountable
  • Designed in collaboration with Jose Madera
  • Wide open cutting sound
  • Deep fundamental pitch without overtones
  • Great definition between mouth and closed end of bell