Latin Percussion Metal Güiros


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An original LP innovation, the Multi-Güiro is a güiro with two textures and is filled with LP shaker material, making it several instruments in one. One of the textured surfaces features large raised grooves similar to a Cuban güiro, while the other is a finer texture for a more course raspy sound. With the unique fill cap, you can modify the amount of fill material to chance the shaker sound. Torpedo Scraper is included. 9" stainless steel construction.

Multi-Güiro 2

Based on the immensely popular LP Multi-Güiro. 12" Height. Two stainless steel scraping surfaces: one is finely textured for a smooth sound; the other is coarser for a raspy sound. Torpedo Scraper is included. Removeable fill cap allows the player to control the amount and type of fill inside for precise rythmic and volume control. Metal handle provides comfort and playability in multiple positions.

Merengue Güiro

The LP Merengue Güiro is an essential element in performing merengue music. Its open-ended design and tightly textured surface produces a loud and rough sound perfect for Caballito. Crafted of stainless-steel. Pro Scraper is included. 12.5" H x 4.25" D

Professional Güira

An essential element in Merengue, the LP Professional Güira creates a traditional, raspy sound that percussionists have come to love. A driving rhythmic force in Merengue. Stainless Steel with handle. Pro Scraper is included. Metal handle provides comfort and playability in multiple positions. 13" H x 5.25" D