Latin Percussion Güiros


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Product Details

Cylinder Güiro

Versatile wooden güiro has a scraping surface around its body. A slot allows the internal sounds adding to its fullness. 14.5" wood body. Wooden scraper included.

Fish Güiro

Painted wood, fish-like shape. Ideal for students and beginners. Unique tapered throat and a slot in the body to concentrate and project the sound. 16" wood body. Wooden scraper included.

Super Güiro

Crafted of stainless-steel featuring an open-ended design with a tightly textured surface. Creates a significantly louder, coarser, rougher sound. 13.5" precision-molded, high-strength plastic with perfectly spaced grooves for consistent sound. Ergonomically positioned, rubber-lined finger holes provide maximum comfort and control. Includes two scrapers – a plastic model for bright, loud sounds and a wooden version for warm, dry sounds

Cuban-Style Güiro

Approximately 15" high. True to its Latin roots. Made from carefully selected natural natural gourds. Features properly spaced grooves for a "dry" sound and convenient finger holes for easy handling. Includes wooden scraper, to get that classic güiro sound. Due to natural gourd selection, sizes may vary. Includes wooden scraper for a classic guiro sound