J&D Hite Clarinet Mouthpieces


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Premiere Series:

A modestly priced plastic mouthpiece personally hand faced and finished to Jean & David Hite's exacting specifications. An extremely popular step-up mouthpiece.

Bb Clarinet (does not include ligature and cap)

Medium length, .043" tip
Produced in one medium preferred facing, the PREMIERE clarinet mouthpiece line is hand finished to the highest professional standards, much more accurately than higher priced production finished mouthpieces. The acoustically efficient design results in a pleasant, resonant sound produced without excessive physical effort. The medium facing is well suited to a Vandoren No. 3 (or comparable) reed.



J&D Hite pro mouthpieces are made of top quality hard rubber and are individually hand finished and tested to ensure consistency and playability. 

Bb Clarinet Model D (does not include ligature and cap)

Medium length, .041" tip 
Our "D" model mouthpiece is the original (ca. 1980) HITE interior design which is closely aligned with the traditional classic orchestral facing. The mouthpiece balances well with a Vandoren No. 4 or Vandoren V-12 No. 3½ reed (or comparable). Compared to the "M41" model which has the identical facing, the "D" internal dimensions tend to produce a darker, rounder tonal character.

Bass Clarinet

Medium length, .068" tip
The internal design of the HITE bass clarinet mouthpiece is unique in bringing a beautiful focus to the sound, improving the usual fluffy middle B and giving good response to the typically weak upper register G. The facing has found great favor among orchestral bass clarinetists and is highly compatible with available reeds. With this mouthpiece, the bass clarinet is a joy to play and an easy double to learn.