Harmon Trombone Mutes


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Product Details

Straight Mute

A classic student line straight mute. Creates a standard straight mute sound, perfect for beginners and professionals alike.

The Original Wow-Wow Mute

The Harmon Trombone Wow-wow Mute is a favorite effects mute. Famous musicians have used and endorsed Harmon mutes for over 25 years. The wah-wah sound is made by a sliding cup in the end of the mute. Made entirely of aluminum, this mute is free-blowing and does not alter or change the pitch in any way.

Triple Play Mute

The Harmon Triple Play is a combination of the barrel-shaped, straight and the plunger style mute. It is a standard cup mute when fully assembled, and a standard straight mute or plunger mute when disassembled.