Denis Wick Trombone Mutes


Sug ret: $120.99

Product Details

Straight Mute

Made with light-weight aluminum, this mute was designed to be resonant and in-tune in all registers.

All Denis Wick metal straight mutes are made from high purity spun aluminum, 'scotchbrite' finished and bright silver anodized. The Denis Wick straight trumpet and trombone mutes have a brilliance and carrying power which make them the choice of the world's finest professionals.

Cup Mute

Denis Wick offers mutes to suit all players and playing situations. British-made Denis Wick cup mutes are acclaimed worldwide for their sound quality, intonation in all dynamic ranges and superb workmanship.


Fiber Mute

Made with real wood bottom and seamless construction to provide impeccable intonation. High density fiber increases projection, while the specially designed cork and glue provides an extra secure fit. A metal ridged top adds durability. Glossy black finish resits scratches and looks great on stage.