Dall'Abaco Hellier Strad Professional Violin


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The Hellier Strad model is a copy of a famous violin made by Stradivarius in 1679, owned for nearly two centuries by the family of Sir Samuel Hellier.  Its attractive decorative inlays make copies of this violin highly sought after.  The Hellier Strad is available with or without decorative ribs.

Full size only



Decorated Ribs (shown)
Plain Ribs



*Case and bow not included.

All Dall'Abaco instruments feature aged materials, inlaid purfling, and are fully hand-crafted. Our professional set-up includes a well-adjusted, professional quality bridge, dressed fingerboard and nut, and properly fitted pegs.

 New Instruments come with a 2 Year Leonards Music Warranty - Covers all maintenance and adjustments.  Does not cover damage.