Dall'Abaco Bench Copy Professional Violin


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Our Bench Copies are authentic replicas of instruments made by master Italian luthiers. Bench Copies are made with superior workmanship, the finest materials, and a unique oil varnish.

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With its austere detailing and broader outline, the Kemp demonstrates del Gesu's movement away from the delicate Amati-like detailing found in his earlier instruments and towards the minimalist approach of his later works.

This unrefined style almost suggests that del Gesu knew so clearly how to manipulate the materials as he crafted his instruments that he would not be held back by the details which did not directly influence creating impeccable sound.

Leduc (shown)

With its elongated f-holes and attenuated carving of the scroll, the Leduc violin is one of the most recognizable del Gesu instruments. The Leduc has been longrevered as one of the greatest violins ever made and was owned and played often by virtuoso Henryk Szeryng during his career.

Many believe the Leduc to be the last instrument del Gesu made. There is some mystery to its completion as del Gesu's death in 1744 precedes the 1745 date printed on the original label.


The Haddock represents the earliest instrument made by Guarneri del Gesu of our three bend copy violins. del Gesu's earlier instruments follow the patterns and traditions of the Brescian and Cremonese styles of violin making more than his later works which are known for their mercurial and unique patterns.

Our Haddock Bench Copy features choice European spruce and well-figured curly maple; each instrument is professionally adjusted to ensure all copies meet our high standards of sound quality and tonal clarity.


*Case and bow not included.

All Dall'Abaco instruments feature aged materials, inlaid purfling, and are fully hand-crafted. Our professional set-up includes a well-adjusted, professional quality bridge, dressed fingerboard and nut, and properly fitted pegs.


 New Instruments come with a 2 Year Leonards Music Warranty - Covers all maintenance and adjustments.  Does not cover damage.