Bonade Clarinet and Saxophone Ligatures


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Daniel Bonade stated, “A bad ligature can spoil a good reed on a good mouthpiece by binding the sides of the reed and thus preventing the reed from vibrating freely. Many clarinetists never realize that their reed troubles actually stem from a poorly designed ligature.”

Rather than wait for an ideal ligature to meet his standards, Mr. Bonade took it upon himself to design one. His concept utilized “pressure ribs,” which grip the reed firmly at points just off center of the reed, but with as little reed/ligature contact as possible. Bonade found that this allowed the edges of the reed to vibrate more freely.

Since it was introduced, the Bonade ligature has won critical acclaim from students, educators and professionals, who found an overall improvement in tone.

Bonade ligatures are offered in standard and inverted models for Bb clarinet and alto saxophone.

Inverted models available for bass clarinet and tenor saxophone.