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Our student instruments are selected for their quality, dependability, and sound.

Rent a Bass for $63.13 /month (includes sales tax and insurance).

You can return your instrument AT ANY TIME and no additional money will be owed.

Fire, Theft, and Damage (FTD) Insurance is automatically included in the price ($10/month for bass). 

If you wish to opt out of this insurance, you can do so during checkout.

You may trade in your bass in at any time for a larger size.


Rental Specials:
9 month - pay for 7 months up front get months get 2 months free - non-refundable payment of $441.91
12 month - pay for 9 months up front, get 3 months free - non-refundable payment of $568.17
At the completion of your special, payments will start on a monthly basis.  Please contact Leonards Music for additional options.
Rental special prices include tax and  Insurance.


Included with every cello rental:

  • Bass
  • Bow
  • Case
  • Rosin
  • Rock Stop

Please see our “Rental Q & A” for questions about our rental program